We believe in a human workplace where people can thrive, bring their best, and organizations can succeed.

Teams and organizations can not grow past their leaders.
Leadership performance is effectively the governor on the car.

No matter what an organization wants and is committed to make happen, nothing is possible without people, capacity and energy. The quality of energy, steady or erratic, drives the organization’s ability to create capacity and real forward progress. Leaders create this steady or erratic rhythm in how they show up, inevitably releasing or trapping human potential. 

We help leaders unleash potential in themselves and others through their own presence and performance by leveraging neuroscience, psychology and physiology. 

It’s all about thriving people and getting the best return on energy to drive real results. Leadership performance. 

to help you bring your possibilities into the present.

Are you facing Disengagement? Turnover? Losing good people?

... And trying to apply solutions like wellness, refreshed workspaces or better benefits?
This stress, anxiety and despair will not be solved with new paint, mindfulness apps or plants. Between 70-85% of workers are disengaged, and 70% of variability in the engagement score is attributed to leaders' impact. (Gallup 2015) Leaders contribute to this problem and the incredibly impactful game-changing solution. Let’s unlock potential.

What happens when you implement off-the-shelf leadership development

...one-size-fits-all hoping for great results unique to you?
That’s like buying a one-size-fits-all sweater and expecting it to fit like a tailored jacket. If you want a solution that fits, we need to co-create outcomes unique to you and make real progress through growth not just learning. Let’s grow people.

Are you a talent retention and acquisition magnet?

...are people lining up to work for your organization?
...89% of leaders believe that people leave for more money, but only 12% actually do. (Forbes 2018) They're looking for better work, better leaders, better culture.

We partner with clients to create: real capability lasting change Happiness Productivity Engagement Value Creation Performance Real Business Results

Sometimes it's hard to face down these challenges, and as leaders we are often in our own way.

We’ve been there ourselves. And with our research and real world cases, we know what we do works.

Every client and situation is unique- here’s our approach:

  • With research based precision, collaborate to assess and zone in on what really matters
  • Leverage science to co-create dynamic interventions maximizing return on energy & effort
  • Establish systematic mechanisms to grow through micro practices to realize human potential and results
  • Create a high return on effort. Make it Count.

We help people create 1+1 = 11. 

Exponentially better results through micro practices that create macro impact.

We have begun our own journey to create tech to provide leaders a helpful companion for guidance, presence, performance and habit development.

  • Consider it a best buddy, integrating neuroscience, psychology and physiology to support a leader’s growth with precision focus and make it stick through practice & performance
  • Micro Solutions, Macro impact. 
  • Precise scientifically validated assessments developed through our own PhD level research to identify the reality of your strengths and weaknesses in key factors and pinpoint focused opportunities for growth.
  • Custom designed education workshops for leaders to help them modernize their leadership to create a sense of ownership, real engagement, momentum in teams and change with people.
  • We uniquely link science to leadership and connect leaders to their own neuroscience, psychology, and physiology so they can learn how to regulate themselves to lead more effectively. (Nearly all leadership development is focused solely on behavior/mindset and choices, yet this addresses only the 1-4% of what’s in our conscious control); we take an integrated approach focusing on the whole human and the whole biological system that’s actually driving people including habits of thinking, being, and doing.
  • Rhythmic Presence + Performance growth loops for intentional practice where leaders improve through fast feedback loops – these turn learning into growth.
  • Presence + Performance loops for other training programs can be co-created and implemented to leverage previous organizational training investments, or based on feedback from performance review processes, anything the leader wants to grow (not just learn)
  • Validated research backed assessments to identify interaction preferences in how people show up, and the team’s unique opportunities to improve their performance. (Most “team consulting” is based on individual assessments that highlight their personality and ultimately “differences” and then try to bring people together) We assess the individuals and we focus on building bridges in the team. What you focus on grows.
  • Qualitative research to really dig in depth, and provide qualified PhD level insights on any “questions” you want to know more about in your organization. (how people see the present, how they see the future/ themselves in the future, how they see leadership etc)
  • Brain friendly workshops to build bridges and bring teams together in aligning who they want to be, creating rhythm and a powerful sense of ownership in their future.
    With any of our Rhythmic Teams™ Experiences, we make a donation to one of the following causes.