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We aren’t like everybody else. And if the below speaks to you, maybe we’re your people.

For Leaders by Leaders. We are here to help you make your mark on the world. We help you get to “Pro” whatever that looks like for you and your team. In fact, we are all about partnering and building capability in our clients not dependency. Equipping talented people in organizations, to do their thing and help their teams win, not holding them hostage to certifications. We go a little against the grain, we sometimes do the opposite of what others do, and we do what really matters – even if it’s hard.

We like to challenge the world with… “Is what you’re doing right now actually working for you?” If not, then we can help you find a new way to greatness by creating real movement, not just talking about it.

Powered by Science,
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Chief Disruptor

Fun Facts

As a kid: Jasmine had 2 imaginary friends "Eedie, and Ooie" they had to have seats at the table, plates and food!

As a human: Jasmine is a tiny bit famous for being in the Guinness Book of World Records with her high school karate club.

As a leader: Jasmine has been introduced as “This is Jasmine, VP of ____ she is Small but Mighty.”

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Chief Research & Development Officer

Fun Facts

As a kid: Instead of playing the drums like he wanted to, Dave learned how to play the trumpet because his mom wanted him to learn how to read music. Eventually he fell in love with the French Horn.

As a human: Despite having a PhD, Dave can’t spell.

As a leader: Dave found most of his inspiration inside the whiteboard, working dogs, and wearing the uniform.

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Chief Experience Officer

Fun Facts

As a kid: In one year, Mathieu was the provincial golf champion, athlete of the year, and bandsman of the year.

As a human: If Mathieu ever lost his notebook, it could never be decoded.

As a leader: In his previous career of 21 years, Mathieu started as a seasonal associate and at the end supported over 400 people across 4 provinces.

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Energy Illuminators

Charles R. Walker, PhD

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Known For: Helping people with medical and mental health problems involving CNS disorders, chronic illnesses, and risk factors impacting their health and/or impeding their response to treatment; educating psychologists-in-training; educating health care professionals

Knowledge Specialization: Neuropsychology, clinical psychology, health psychology

Location: Tyler, Texas

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Kerri M. Camp, PhD

Associate Professor of Marketing

Known For: Helping organizations identify marketing opportunities and overcome management challenges, educating undergraduate and graduate university students and business professionals, and mentoring individuals to achieve personal and professional success.

Knowledge Specialization: Marketing, health care management, career growth and progression

Location: Tyler, Texas

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Momentum Igniters

Sara Bigwood

Agile Leadership Inspirer
Rhythmic Teams Specialist

Superpower: Perception & Spark. Sara uses her perception to create safe space and meet leaders and teams where they are, igniting a spark in them to grow. They move beyond present challenges to higher performance.

Sectors: Banking, Consulting, Insurance, Pharma, Media, Tech

Location: Belgium

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Diana Bister

Team Spirit Specialist

Superpower: Diana uses her intuition and fully packed toolbox to intervene gently but measurably impactful in systems to unleash hidden potential and to create a healthy, fulfilling and hyper productive working environment.

Sectors: Pharma, Insurance, Entertainment, Tech

Location: Germany (Europe)

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Karen Kemerling, PhD

Agile Leadership Coach & Educator
Org. Dev PhD, BBCC

Superpower: Relator. Female leader who has been there, gets you and your company and helps empower leaders to build inclusion safety and foster innovation from wherever you are on the planet.

Sectors: Technology, Medical Devices, Aircraft, Non-Profits, Hospitals and OR/Nursing, Banking/Financial Technology, Consulting

Location: Denver, CO (USA)

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Christina Carlson

Agile Leadership Educator
RTeams Experience Specialist

Superpower: Connectivity + Sparkles. Christina uses her creativity to ignite connections to insights, ideas and opportunities between leaders and teams. She can bring alive networks of people in a flash - especially to celebrate...sparkles included.

Sectors: Oil + Gas, Consulting, Mining, Pharma, Health Care, Post-Secondary Education (Administration)

Location: Saskatchewan (Canada)

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Daniel Gagnon

Organizational Agility Advisor
Coach, and Trainer

Superpower: Cross-functional empathy nurturer. Daniel leverages his decades of navigating the political channels of large organizations in order to foster genuine communication and collaboration across all functions, with a view to optimizing the whole system.

Sectors: Financial, Utilities, Government

Location: Montreal (Canada)

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Inspirers & Collaborators

Seán Reid

Known for: Introducing an agile mindset to leaders and teams in non-IT organizational areas (HR, Finance etc.) through experimentation, transformational initiatives and Learning & Development.

Bottom Line: Passionate about human-centric digitalization, building bridges between people and technology, while empowering leaders and staff to become the best version of themselves.

Location: Switzerland (Europe)

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Brooke Ozlem Erol

Known for: Bringing purpose to human beings and organizations

Bottom Line: I stand for people at all levels of an organization to use their passion, gifts, purpose and potential to have more fulfillment in life

Location: San Diego, CA

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Doug Kirkpatrick

Known for: A member of the ForbesSpeakers network, he recently released his latest book The No-Limits Enterprise: Organizational Self-Management in the New World of Work.

Bottom Line: Doug is an evangelist for open leadership and the future of work, where everyone has a voice.

Location: California

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Kursten Faller

Known for: Managing large-scale infrastructure projects, providing organizational consulting, helping companies manage change, implement new programs, improve processes and solve other organizational challenges.

Bottom Line: Hands down our team is more qualified, and more adept at applying best-practice approaches than any of the competition.

Location: Saskatchewan (Canada)

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Katherine Stone

Known for: Using data-driven strategies to build highly-connected teams and drive individual performance

Bottom Line: Helping others find where their passions and talents meet the needs of the world.

Location: Texas (USA)

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Derek Lobban

Known for: Leveraging his Martial Arts (5th degree blackbelt) and Professional Engineering experience to Inspire individuals and teams to find their inner strength and do things they didn't think were possible.

Bottom Line: To remind individuals and teams of how resilient and capable they are by awakening their warrior spirit and zest for life.

Location: Toronto (Canada)

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Mark Ashby

Known for: Leading people to see their own internal and external greatness. Empowering organizations for healthy & safe workplaces, impairment risk recognition, response, and recovery.

Bottom Line: When you enable people to discover their strengths they can fully serve their teams.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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Jasmine Kernaleguen

Chief Disruptor, Co-Founder

Jasmine is a nerd at heart and in connecting leadership and science, she’s discovered that we are often constrained in paradoxes and puzzles that we can solve, if only we could see. This proved true for her throughout her 20+ years in leadership not just in the good times, but also in times she felt stuck and frustrated. Leading through crisis and triumphs, Jasmine found a sense of humanity and fearlessness to challenge our own thinking, and our own truth. These experiences made her realize that by interconnecting neuroscience, psychology, physiology and leadership, we can create leaders who are the heartbeat of the organization and the cadence of that beat is what shapes the health or distress of the environment people work within.

Those who know her would say that she is unwaveringly driven to help people succeed, power-up their talents, and create value. Her upbringing in rural Canada instilled that working together and giving back are paramount. These perspectives have shaped her entire professional life and today remain grounded in how she systematically helps leaders and organizations thrive and get back to being alive.

Today, she mobilizes all of this in the work she does every day as Chief Disruptor at Rhythmic Leader Science Co, AMP Coaching & Consulting, and as Head of Leadership Development for the Boston University Agile Innovation Lab. She creates clarity and enables leaders and organizations to become their best, in finding the cadence that helps them win together, bringing their future success into the present.


Dave Silberman, PhD

Chief Research & Development Officer, Co-Founder

Nothing embodies Dave more than the syndicated perspective from Bill Watterson who said “it’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy…let’s go exploring” and the famous viewpoint from the Greek Composer Yanni “everything great that has ever happened to humanity has begun as a single thought in someone’s mind, and if anyone of us is capable of such a thought, then all of us has the same capacity, capability, because we’re all the same.” Inspiring the essence of these perspectives has shaped Dave’s 20+ years in leadership. Dave has spent decades leading people and processes inside government operations, high-tech Silicon Valley startups, global technology providers, and venture capital firms. His experiences have discovered and proven both these grounding perspectives are indeed true.

Those who know Dave best would describe him as intense, energetic, and all heart. Shaping his upbringing were lessons from the farm that taught him hard work and service to others were of the utmost importance. Dave is a decorated disabled United States combat veteran, a former law enforcement officer, holds a PhD in Human Resources Development and a Masters of Science degree in project management.

Today, Dave brings forth his creativity in service as Chief Research & Development Officer at Rhythmic Leader Science Co, AMP Coaching & Consulting, and as adjunct faculty at Boston University (BU) where he serves as a lecturer and course facilitator for graduate level courses and as Director of Research for BU’s Agile Innovation Lab. He composes perspectives and knowledge with focus to be profoundly evocative and to liberate humans from the small boxes they often put themselves in. Dave’s research interest centralizes on the traps of human potentiality and the negotiation of tension that revolves around identity.


Mathieu Kernaleguen

Chief Experience Officer

Having been raised on a farm in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, Mathieu knows the value of hard work, patience and resilience and credits those foundational values to his leadership success. With over 20 years of experience in technology and retail leadership, Mathieu has a unique perspective about what it takes to build winning cultures in an ever changing, competitive environment.

Where others rely on executing tactical elements of strategy, Mathieu understands that real organizational power lies within people and a focus on cultivating trusting relationships, connecting people and building belief and alignment in a common vision. A long time sports enthusiast with a great sense of humor, Mathieu is a natural connector and is able to meet people where they are and help them achieve the goals that are important to them. It’s this collaborative viewpoint that earned Mathieu numerous accolades, including multiple industry sales awards and record-breaking team engagement and performance.

As Chief Experience Officer at Rhythmic Leader Science Co and AMP Coaching & Consulting, Mathieu applies his decades of leadership experience and understanding of organizational behavior to connect teams and organizations with new tools and practices that help them grow and thrive.