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We help fast growing companies grow faster through iterative people performance cycles, like they would iterate their product. Often companies are awesome at iterating their products to get better, but not so good at helping people iterate for better performance.

We help companies build people performance into the day to day – performance IS the job – it’s everyone’s job.

We’re a forward-thinking consultancy and tech company known for leadership & performance, connecting psychology, physiology and neuroscience to help companies innovate people performance to power their success.

Clients hire us to help invent or reinvent their people performance to create huge value, make real change, and scale. We help create healthy environments for success where people thrive, unleash their potential and actually want to work. We help clients create big results.

What It’s like to Work With Us

Step 1

Conversation to understand your challenges, the outcomes you’re seeking and your priorities. We discuss what we do that might align and help, and if someone else might be a better fit.

Step 1

Step 2

Co-create what an engagement might look like to partner together to get to the outcomes you’re seeking and what a modular range of options might be for a win-win.

Step 2

Step 3

Using insights and access to research-based evidence, based on best return on effort, strategic priorities, outcomes… we decide together on our first piece to solve, and get moving together!

Step 3

Key principles to everything we do:

Simplicity & depth


Actionable, not just informative

NO .

Bold humanity & realness

NO .

Iterative People Performance Cycles

It’s frustrating to see people have so much more potential or even capability than what they’re bringing to work. It feels like herding cats getting people moving in the same direction. And making results happen is not optional – there’s a cliff, a runway – and it’s real! Living in this tension every day can be really rough, exhausting. Not everybody gets it… and company performance is people performance.

We help you unleash your growth superpowers through people performance, integrating improvement “in micro bites” into the day to day. People, the whole company, iterate their performance, just like you iterate product. As the humans get better and better, everything takes off, gravity shifts and momentum takes over.

What happens:

We help clients implement systems to move from their existing, painful, “non-performant performance process” to a participant and team owned adaptive performance cycle. Clients dynamically “create people performance”, rather than statically “do performance management”. We’re building tech to make this easy.

How this happens:

With the participant and team in the driver’s seat, we forward focus on priority outcomes and improvement through short cycles aligned to the work, and the ability to adapt. 

Leveraging social connection and small input from others, driven by and tailored to the participant, exponential growth happens in accumulated micro changes.

 Mechanisms of practice, feedback, reflection and habit development maximize the betterment of the individuals / teams. 

Essentially, the humans adopt a systematic way to iterate themselves.

Iterative performance becomes part of the fabric and culture of the company as we support clients along the journey. We are agnostic to the current models or methodologies being used in the client company; however, we must align on creating an environment for success where people can thrive and bring their best to work. What we do is research and science based, incorporating psychology, physiology and neuroscience throughout.

As human beings, we are always practicing:

  • practicing staying the same and reinforcing today,
  • or practicing improving toward a better tomorrow. 

Most people spend a lifetime practicing staying the same. Let that not be you.

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