What We Do

We are redefining leadership performance: to create healthy environments for success where people thrive, unleash their potential, and actually want to work. 
We’re a forward-thinking consultancy and tech company known for leadership performance, and connecting leader psychology, physiology and neuroscience to help organizations be talent magnets. We help improve leadership through the connection of science and human performance through practice and short feedback loops, similar to how pro athletes practice & pre-game. 
Our clients hire us to help them co-create huge value to make real change; we don’t count the minutes and we don’t do anything hourly.

Key principles to everything we do:

Simplicity & depth


Actionable, not just informative

NO .

Bold humanity & realness

NO .

Organizational Leadership Assessment & Insights

Have humans who thrive at work. Reduce turnover. Be a Talent Magnet. 
We measure the biggest factor in creating a healthy environment for organizational success: Leadership. With lightweight regular assessments evaluating for modern leadership and talent and retention characteristics, you see where your leadership is holistically as an organization, and receive regular actionable insights to make micro changes starting immediately, Leaderdynamics.co (website coming soon). Pricing $20k-63k

Advisory & Research

We help organizations frustrated with challenges difficult to solve, find their way forward. 

Challenges with employee engagement, burnout, wellness, talent attraction, retention, innovation, agility – below the surface, all of these are symptomatic of leadership performance. Leaders are the limits that teams and organizations can’t exceed.

Inverting Performance:

We help flip leadership performance from an organization-owned-process, top down to be checked off the list, to a leader owned, leader driven dynamic loop of performance, practice, feedback & improvement. Development becomes a tiny investment as part of the day to day, rather than something “I should do sometime”. We help you transition to lift leadership to a new level of performance to create environments where people can be successful and thrive at work. Pricing $55k-125k

Custom Research for Organizational Insights & Solutions:

Often organizations are looking outwards for answers when the answers lie within. 
We perform qualitative research in organizations adhering to strong academic research standards to find the human story hidden within organizations to answer questions like:

  • What is at the core of our leadership challenge and how would we solve it?
  • What is keeping us from fulfilling our people potential as an organization?
  • What would leaders need to do to create the environment for success?
  • What is keeping us from higher organizational performance?
  • How do leaders create value and how could they enable more momentum?

Whatever the core research question, it is answered through a series of interviews (usually 12-15 achieves the point of academic rigor for qualitative research) with specifically designed interview questions to root out the hidden answers and hidden needs in an organization. We provide a comprehensive analysis and debrief with localized solutions and insights, then workshop your actions forward to create immediate value. Pricing $19-35k.

Leadership Performance Development Advisory Services

Leadership performance: creating an environment for success where people can thrive at work. We help organizations understand where they are, what they want, where the important gaps are in leadership, and what they can do to make their development dollars really count by enabling focused effort and traction. Prices range from $20-50k.


Our coaching is transformational, to facilitate senior leaders and teams to shift into a new version of themselves. Not simply an incremental path to a goal, but to fundamentally change and challenge the person they are today to become who they need to be to get to the future they are creating. This is challenging, and sometimes seemingly impossible… and it’s what brings us alive as coaches, and leverages our superpowers in connecting leadership and science to create big shifts with people to create exponential value. To support our coaching clients we integrate simple courageous practice and experimentation to action insights – insights create virtually no value without implementation and action.

Executives & CEOs, 1:1

For Executives & CEOs who want to transform themselves and reach seemingly impossible goals. Short, focused engagements, combining leader psychology, physiology and neuroscience incorporating thinking, doing, being, and embodiment to create exponential growth. The arrangement is dependent on the individual, typically 4-6 months in length with the client driving the engagement and the frequency of interaction. Coaching can return 10x or more in ROI. Dependent on the value to be co-created and the level of the individual, Pricing is $7-29k. 

For Executive Teams

For teams who are aiming to achieve a goal that is seemingly impossible and are ready and willing to give up who they are to become who they need to be – together. We start where you are, and begin to shift from there. This is intense, often challenging long held and invisible beliefs about one another in order to help each other rise to a new level of themselves. For many teams it’s a shift from unknowingly competing with each other to challenging and supporting each other to grow. And of course there’s practice integrated into the existing day to day – together and separately – to make it happen. This work is done in full team and also with smaller groups or pairs who are having specific challenges – pricing varies widely according to team size, challenges and the value to be co-created. Pricing $20-150k.


Workshops come in many shapes and sizes and are always brain friendly, engaging, insightful and action enabling.

For Leadership Teams

  • Team Interactions is for teams who are having challenges or opportunities in coming together or working together. Team interactions is focused on the way we interact with each other and how we can do this significantly better to improve our performance as a team. Instead of focusing on the uniqueness and difference of each individual (like typical individual leader assessments), team interactions shows how we prefer to interact, and how to close the space between us with actionable insights. Teams do a quick, simple assessment and receive a summary & action report. Leadership teams participate in a workshop to take their insights from their review of the assessment and transition these insights into actions and agreements to work more effectively together. Pricing $5-10k.
  • Team Identity – Create the Future to create a unified view of who we are in the future we want to create – vision and strategy alignment in a cohesive team view. Examining how we want to be known as a team, how we need to show up to achieve what we want, and a big shift from invisible expectations and conflict to agreements and actions forward together. Similarly to coaching for leadership teams, this begins to enable teams to see themselves in a new light and move together. Pricing $12-20k. 

For Leaders: Leadership Education by AMP Coaching & Consulting

Agility in Leadership & Organizations 8 modules (pricing based on volume, $1,350 – 1,787/pp) https://ampconsulting.ca/leadership-learning-team-workshops/

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